Youtube package

Hi. I bought the Bundle a few month ago, if i remember right the Halloween package.
In the bundle there was included the Youtube Package.
There i can find some Outros.
But i have some questions:

  1. if you tube offer only outros with 2 video links, why is AeJuice offering outros with 4 video links? Is there a method that i don’t know to add this outros to youtube videos?
  2. There are some Outro templates, with only 2 video links (the one that i could use) but they have the links and icons build in for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. What if i don’t need them and want them out of my outro? I have idea how do eliminate the Text (usermane) but how will i get rid of the icons?


Could you please specify which video editor you use (After Effects or Premiere Pro)?

Hi, the video editor that i am using is the Premiere Pro.

Hi, there

We will add it in the next release and will let you know once it will be published.
It should be in a few days.


We apologize for the long response.

Our development team has updated the YouTube Pack. Social media editing is now available in the Essential Graphics panel.

Please update the YouTube Pack by deleting it in the Pack Manager, then downloading it again.