Video editor compatibility

Hi everyone! I want to buy Noir Film Titles. I need to know if the pack is compatible with CreateStudioPro or CapCut Desktop. Thanks in advance to anyone who will answer.


Yes, Noir Film Titles are compatible with CreateStudioPro and CapCut Desktop as pre-rendered video files using Standalone version of Pack Manager with 100+ backgrounds, elements, transitions, overlays, and 2 animated alphabets. It also has 115 pre-made scenes with popular titles like “Coming Soon”, “The End”, “To Be Continued”, “Like and Share”, and so on. It has a little less flexibility in terms of number of fonts but you can create any text by combining letters into words.
After purchase, you will be able to download video files from the Standalone version of Pack Manager and import into your video editor.

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Thank you for your answer. Now I understand. See you soon!

You’re welcome!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!