Titles not fitting the screen in Premier Pro?

Has anyone else experienced a problem with the “VHS Retro” Titles (or other effects) where they only render in a small area of the screen in Premier? I’m working on a project that is 3840 x 2160 and the Titles are not stretching to fit the image. They only render within a small area at the center of the screen. I’m using a distortion effect (Distortion 15) from the “VHS” pack and it renders just fine and at full screen as designed. I’ve reloaded the scripts within the Pack Manager, deleted and re-downloaded the VHS Retro pack, and even started over with a fresh project in Premier and all of my titles are still only rendering in that small bit of the screen.

Any help would be appreciated,



We have forwarded your case to our team. We will contact you as soon as we receive new information!

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Sorry for the delay, we’re moving to new servers and put a freeze on all new uploads. Once we finish (hopefully this week), we’ll fix this issue.

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Strangely, cannot reproduce the issue. Mine works fine in 4K.

Can you send the project file?