Titles: can the background be removed?

Just downloaded the ‘Noir Film Titles’ package.
I’ve imported it in Premiere and in After Effects, but I want to remove the backgrounds, so only the titles and credits are shown. Is that possible? I cannot find that option.


To remove the background in the Noir Film Titles package in After Effects, you need to.

  1. Import the object itself from the Pack Manager.

  2. Select the composition you imported.

  3. Click on the top Edit button in the Pack Manager .

  4. In the window that appears, uncheck the box next to Backfround On-Off.

In Premiere Pro

  1. Import object from Noir Film Titles package to the Pack Manager.

  2. In the Essential Graphics panel, uncheck the box next to Backfround On-Off.

Great service! Thanks for updating and replying!!!