Text Animation Script Error

When I select a text layer and try to import the Text Animation Minimal 01 effect, it starts importing then I get a pop up that says “Please select an item of the following type(s):text”
But I do have a text layer selected, so I’m not sure why I’m getting that error. I get the same pop up error when I drag+drop the Text Animation onto the text layer.

I’ve got the latest version of AfterEffects 2022 installed, and it says my AEJuice is all up to date. I also tried deleting and redownloading the Text Animation pack with no luck.

Anybody have any other ideas?

Hi, tehmezz,

Please, make sure You have 22.08.1001 ( macOS ) or 22.07.0017 ( Windows ) plugin versions. If You have a lower version, update your plugin to the latest version from direct links, please (Windows , macOS) And try to import an animation again, please.

If You have the latest version, reproduce that issue, close the script alert, click Account → Report a problem and send us the report, please. After sending the report share here an ID ( You will get a window with an ID after sending ).

Hi Ruslan,

Yes, I have the latest version (22.07.0017), and I followed your instructions. The issue number I got was APVR-10862.

Thank you for your help.

Were you able to track down the issue?

Hi, tehmezz,

Yes, we have got your issue number. Developers are checking your issue, and You will get an answer here with a solution.

Please, choose the convenient time for a remote control session with our developer: Calendly - AEJuice