Split Screen packet templates duration

I’m a Davinci newbie. I have bought several packets of AEJuice and I can’t find any explanations for its use. Especially Split Screen. I can’t find any explanation of how to use the templates, or how to change their duration. Can you guide me to those instructions?

Hello, Thank you for reaching out.

To begin with DaVinci Resolve, your first step is to install the Standalone Pack Manager plugin. This plugin allows you to preview and download animations. Please, take a look at this article on how to install activate, and use the plugin in DaVinci: Outline

Within Split Screen templates, you’ll find overlays. To apply templates, position it above your existing layers. There are two main categories for Split Screens: Animated Frames and Still Frames. Animated Frames are each one second in length and are looped, allowing you to extend the animation by duplicating the layers. To adjust the duration of still frames, select the layer and drag its edge to the left to shorten or to the right to extend it.

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