Script alert error when running the GIF exporter

Hello ! I am encountering a weird issue when trying to export a GIF into Adobe AE 2023, it does this only if i select the Alpha Channel, anyone got a clue on how to fix it ? Thanks !


Could you provide us with more information, please? To do so, send a report from the plugin. Click Account → Report a problem. Here is the instruction

It will help to fix the problem faster

Let us know when it will be sent, please.

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Hello ! I just sent a report with a small video in it, thanks


Hi there,

Try to update script, by opening AEJuice Pack Manager 4 → clicking “Shift + D”, you will get a message that scripts are downloading and a second message that scripts are downloaded.

After that step, open AEJuice GIF again, and try to export it again.

Waiting for your feedback!

We fixed this issue a while ago. Please try the latest version

Here are direct links for the latest plugin version (both After Effects and Premiere Pro):


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