Network error ! Check your internet connection!

I’m using AE Juice on After Effects 2023 & Beta version on my M1 macbook pro.
The AEJuice Pack Manager 4 keeps saying “Network error ! Check your internet connection”.

Here is what I’m try still not working:

  1. Using different network
  2. Disable Kaspersky
  3. Remove all content by uninstaller & install again.
  4. Using latest version 23.08.0029
  5. sign out and sign in my account
  6. VPN

and the AEJuice connection-test-tools all connection is available.

Then after reinstall & login my account, I could download the cover / preview of the purchased package.

But when I import the content from package, it’s said the same thing “Network error”

I don’t know how to fix that, may i have your advice.


Please try to use alternative servers for downloading from Pack Manager. Click Account>Settigns>Troubleshoot> and check the box next to Use alterntaive download server.

Please write us the result!


hello i have this problem with my hp laptop please help


Could you please specify if you checked if the error appears when downloading from alternative servers? Click Account>Settigns>Troubleshoot> and check the box next to Use alternate download server.

Yes, that’s exactly what it is, but it’s still not downloading.

Thank you for your response.

Try to send us a report from Pack Manager. Click Account → Report a problem. Here is the instruction Outline

Please write us the result.