Liquid Transitions how to wipe into footage?

So I am loving the look of the liquid transitions. Is there a way to have some of the “complex” transitions, instead of wiping to a solid color, and then wiping to the next footage, wiping directly from footage a to footage b?

Hi, there,

You can use an alpha matte on the footage below the transition. Make sure 2 footages intersect so there is enough time for the transition. I’ve recorded a video on how to do it How to use AEJuice Liquid Transitions wiping directly into next footage instead of solid color - YouTube


That is perfect thank you so much! So far I am loving your products!

You’re welcome! Glad you like it so far. Would it help if we create a separate pack with the same transitions but they will apply as alpha matte by default? You’ll see how it looks with footage in the previews.

Personally, I think that sounds like a fantastic idea!

Great news! We’ve released the matte version

I’ve assigned you a license.

  1. Press Account - Refresh Purchases to see it.

  2. Press Shift+D in the plugin to download a quick update that will make transitions apply automatically.

Let me know if it works for you or if you’d like to change something.

Quick demo: AEJuice Liquid Matte Transitions Demo - YouTube

P.S. The Shift+D is a temporary solution to test until we publish the next software update (next week) so if you close Pack Manager, press the shortcut again because it will revert back to the old version otherwise.