I'm a student / teacher. Do you have an educational license?

We provide licenses completely free to support students, teachers, and educational organizations
all around the world.

  • Individual Student Licenses
    If you are a faculty member or a student enrolled at an accredited educational institution, and would
    like to use our products for non-commercial purposes like studying, teaching, or academic
    research, absolutely free, you can apply individually for all products at once. All you need to apply is
    to have access to your school/university email address or a valid ISIC card.
  • Classroom Licenses
    Contact us if you’re looking for multiple licenses to use in a classroom setting, we provide free licenses to universities, colleges, schools, and non-commercial educational organizations to support classroom instruction in on-site classrooms and computer labs.
  • Commercial Student Licenses
    If you’re a student and looking to buy a license for commercial use you may qualify for a 20% discount. Contact our support from your school/university email address.
  • High school students
    Children under the age of 18 must get parental permission to use our website and software.

You can find more information about licenses at the following link: