How to get transitions working with 'History Timeline' in Premiere Pro?

Hi there,
I’m struggling to get the transition feature of History Timeline working in Premiere Pro…particularly with how the ‘place holder’ feature is meant to work. (I assume I’m missing something basic but it has certainly got me tricked!)

Here is what I try:

  1. I have two clips side by side on the Premiere Pro Timeline…I select them both.
  2. I press “import” on an AE Juice Transition.
  3. This places a small transition on top and at the start of the very first clip that has the 2 placeholders available via Essential Grahpics.
  4. At this point I don’t know what to do with these place holders…or how I get the clips to be inside these placeholders. (I’ve tried all manner of nesting clips/inserting original clips…dragging and dropping…it puts them inside the transition but they they are misaligned and don’t transition smoothly)

Thanks for any clues as I can’t figure out how this is supposed to work! Thanks.

Hello!Thank you for reaching out.

To insert the clips into the placeholders within the Essential Graphics panel, you simply drag and drop the files from the project panel and drop them into the respective placeholders. Please take a look at the tutorial: History Timeline Constructor Tutorial - YouTube

If you are experiencing any kind of trouble, Could you please send us a screen record of the issue starting from the beginning so we can take a closer look?
To do so, please open Pack Manager>Account>Send Report and select Record Video