How to apply Prism Effect in Adobe Premier Pro 2021+

  1. Import your Footage to a Timeline
  2. Drag and drop Prism Preset from the plugin to your sequence.
  3. Select preset on the timeline, open Essential Graphics Panel, drag and drop the video from the Project panel to a Media Placeholder - Enjoy :slight_smile:

Here is a quick tutorial: Prism Tutorial - YouTube

This isn’t working for me. All I’m seeing is the overlay it’s not effecting my footage which is hidden.

After You are opening AEJuice Pack Manager 4, import animation from “Prism” package. You should click on the imported layer, open Essential Graphics, and click on “Edit”. There You will see “Image Placeholder” and press on the “burger” icon → Replace from Finder. After choosing your clip, it will be replaced with Placeholder and on the preview window You will get a video with Prism effects.