Corrupted motion graphic templates

iam importing into Adobe Pro some seamless transition categories from the bundle that i purchased recently. Most of the categories were fine, but the following categories have transitions that upon importation displayed the message " motion graphic template corrupt". Below are the faulty categories:

  • Target Zoom: the following couldnt be imported:
    APVR-19570, APVR-19571, APVR-19572, APVR-19573, APVR-19574, APVR-19575, APVR-19576
    APVR-19579, APVR-19580, APVR-19582.
  • Warp: the following couldnt be imported:
    APVR-19583, APVR-19584. APVR-19585,APVR-19586, APVR-19587, APVR-19588, APVR-19589
    APVR-19590, APVR-19591, APVR-19592.
  • Tap & Cursor: all of the 12 transitions in the Tap & Cursor category are faulty. All of them.
  • Stretch: the following couldnt be imported:
    APVR-19593, APVR-19594,APVR-19595, APVR-19596, APVR-19597, APVR-19598, APVR-19599,
    APVR-19600, APVR-19601, APVR-19602, APVR-19603, APVR-19604, APVR-19605, APVR-19606,
    APVR-19607, APVR-19608, APVR-19609, APVR-19610, APVR-19611, APVR-19612, APVR-19613,
  • Simplified: the following couldnt be imported:
    APVR-19615, APVR-19616, APVR-19617, APVR-19618, APVR-19619, APVR-19620,APVR-19621,
    APVR-19622, APVR-19623, APVR-19624, APVR-19625, APVR-19626, APVR-19627, APVR-19628
    Can you please advise me as soon as possible as what happens next, and when the fault will be rectified so i can import these transitions, as some are exactly what i need for my projects.

Hello Jesse,

Thank you for reaching out to us and detailed description of the issues! This will help our developers find a solution as soon as possible.

We will contact you shortly by email.

I’ve checked a few of the reports. All of them were imported successfully on my end.

I would recommend updating Premiere or trying the “Seamless Transitions Legacy” package.

I’ve tested with the latest CC24, although it should work starting from CC22.