Can't install neonmind after effects

Having issues installing neonmind in after effects, kept getting poweshell permission error even after changing policy to unrestricted, either that or after effects will crash when starting installation

please advise thx

Hello, could you please let us know more details about your issue? What is your After Effects version? Could you please update your After Effects and check if the issue persists?
Could you please confirm if you have reviewed and followed all the steps outlined in these instructions: Outline?

Additionally, please take a look at this tutorial on how to install:

Please let us know about the results.

Try to disable antivirus software if you have one.

Me too, im already follow all instruction, aftwr powershell come, cmd only 3second after that close it. Have notice 20 minutes or more will be stuck after effect, but im waiting untill morning, around 6 hour, STILL STUCK ON LOADING WAITING STABLE DIFFUSION INSTALL

Hello. While waiting for installation, does the After Effects interface freeze completely? Please try to send us a report from Pack Manager during installation. Click Account → Report a problem. Here is the instruction Outline

Also does a powershell related error appear?

Powershell already appear, i see th e tutor, after that must be Commandpromt show up, but, only 1 second, after that close, im already too send the report with pack manager, but dont have any respons.

this my issue number APVR-22877