Anoying BUGS when put effect

I’m trying to put a simple Fade effect into the beginning and the end of a video.

But when I try to place it at the end of the video the effect is always placed at the beginning ( I need to drag it to the end ), and when I press play the effects don’t appear and some random part of the video appear at effect position ( even after render )

When placing any effect a loading appears and takes 15 seconds minimum, seems that is checking something on the internet all the time

I have a ThreadRipper 3970x with Two RTX 3090

This makes it impossible to use the tool

Note: Using premiere default effects this don’t work

Hello, We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing the inconvenience!

Could you provide us with more information, please? To do so, send a report from the plugin. Click Account → Report a problem. Here is the instruction

It will help to fix the problem faster