After Effects repeatedly crash on opening because of copy-ease plugin

Hello, first post so I hope this is the correct category.
I worked today on AE and everything was fine until I had some repeating memory errors. Had to restart AE, but when it opened again I got “crash occurred while invoking plug-in copy-easy” error and it shut down. I tried a couple of times and it did the same. Searched all the places and files related to AEJuice and copy-ease (had nothing in the AE plugins folder for some reason), deleted them, but got the same error. Uninstalling AEJuice completely made the errors disappeared and fully run AE, but returned when reinstalling (latest Pack Manager version).
How can I make it work?
Win.10, AE 2021

Hi Gremlin, after installing the plugin, open that route on your PC: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore\AEJuice Pack Manager, and delete the CopyEase plugin from there, please (Make sure your Adobe After Effects is closed). There shouldn’t be any troubles with running Adobe AE after that step.

Let us know if it works fine for You.

Hi R.Purii, I tried it and it works, and I think some other stuff in AE are actually working better now. Thanks! I’m in contact with the support for updates about this problem, I hope to get a fully working version soon (wonder what could make the error in the first place).

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