AEJuice Export MP4 crash on render?

Hi all,

I hope I’m posting in the right place. My issue is: When exporting in After Effects with AEJuice’s Export MP4 plugin/script, it crashes. AE just doesn’t respond. It started exporting one time I tried it, but soon after it stopped.

Note: This happens with all the quality settings. Very high is no different than low.

You can check how works Export MP4 plugin at this article. If it is not working/freeze Adobe After Effects, You should send us logs from your Ae when it is frozen. Collected logs in .zip should send us here. We will check it and write You back with the solution.

Thanks for the response.

Yeah, the interface doesn’t freeze, the entire application just doesn’t respond. I find it hard to believe that if the application was not responding that the plugin is somehow still working. When it says the “interface might freeze during render”, I would think of how it normally would not allow you to go click anything else in the project (not open other comps or other panels, etc) in the AE render queue.

I tried it again, and it did seem to get somewhere. Then when I tried to switch windows, it stopped responding again. And while it WAS rendering, it was also still not responding. So… I guess it DOES just not respond during export? Kind of a weird plugin then… oh well.

Couldn’t get the log file, since it doesn’t “crash” perse, but it doesn’t RESPOND. So Adobe won’t give a crash report.