Ae juice pack manager 4 not loading in premiere pro

hi. is the AE juice pack manager 4 not loading a normal thing in premiere pro? can any of you recommend me some ways on how to fix this one?

(save some time: I already did all the reinstalling and installing and all troubleshooting guide you can find on the internet)


Please open Pack Manager Standalone. Click Account>Settings>Troubleshoot> check the box next to Open as standalone window in Premiere.

Then launch Pack Manager in Premiere Pro and check if it runs.

Make sure you have the latest version of Pack Manager installed! Click Accont>Check for update

Here are also links to the Pack Manager plugin installer if you didn’t install Standalone
Please let us know the result!

already did that bro. every troubleshooting guide chat support and the internet tells me to do I already did

Thank you for your response.

Could you please specify if you have After Effects? If yes, please open Pack Manager in it and send a report via Pack Manager. Click Account → Report a problem. Here is the instruction Outline