Weird Transition errors in PP CC 2023

Video for context

Premiere Pro is latest version
AEJuice is latest version and I’ve downloaded scripts by right clicking on logo
Windows 10 i7 w/ Nvidia rtx 3080

I’ve never been able to get transitions to properly work in PP and have always had to bridge AE with PP and make the project slightly harder to edit quickly. Would highly appreciate any advice.

Hello! In the Seamless Transitions Pack for Premiere Pro, the transitions are presented as MOGRT. Please download the newest version of the transitions, which you can find inside the Pack Manager plugin.

To apply the transitions please follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Add media to the timeline

Add your two clips side by side on the timeline and open the Essential Graphics panel before adding the transition.

Step 2. Add Seamless Transition to the timeline

Select the two videos and drag the desired transition on top. The transition will automatically get to the junction of the two videos. It also creates a New Sequence with your video when you import it.

Step 3. Drag and drop a New Sequence into the Media Placeholder

In the essential graphic panel, drag and drop the New Subsequence from the Project panel to the Media Placeholder in the Essential Graphics panel and you’re done.

Please take a look at this quick video tutorial: Seamless Transitions Tutorial Updated (MOGRT) - YouTube

To learn more, please read the article :

Please try to apply the transitions using the method mentioned above and let us know if the issue persists

I hope this is helpful.

Expanding on the previous answer. There are 2 packages in Premiere Pro: “Seamless Transitions” and “Seamless Transitions Legacy”. You’re using the Legacy one. It is not actively supported. If there are any glitches like this please use the Seamless Transitions