problem installing AEJuice GIF

Hi ! I have a problem installing AEJuice GIF.jsxbin it is not in the window reinstalled several times adobe after effects 2021.I tried to find this script on my computer, it generally finds just a folder AEJuice GIF

Hi there,

AEJuice GIF is not supported already for a long time.
Right now we have free script, which is called AEJuice Export GIF.
You should download and install it with the plugin via those links:

After installation open After Effects → Window → and scroll the list to the bottom.
There you will see AEJuice Export GIF.jsxbin.

Here is an article on how to install and open AEJuice scripts: Outline

I did everything as in the instructions, but unfortunately nothing appeared, I tried another version of after effects, too

Hello! Please right-click on the AEJuice Icon inside the Pack Manager plugin and choose “download scripts”

If the problem continues, please take a screenshot of the folder after following this path and send it to us.

Window: #C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2022\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels

did everything as you said

Please, open Task Manager → Processes → and tell us if you have there “updater.exe”?

If not, visit our live chat support at aejuice website, please.

this one? I didn’t see any others

Download and install the plugin manually, please.

Here is an article: Outline

Let us know about the result, please! :slight_smile:


thank you very much everything worked

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