How do I uninstall the AEJuice Pack Manager?

An uninstaller will uninstall AEJuice plugins, scripts, and extensions from your computer.

  • IMPORTANT! You can optionally remove all downloaded packages but it might remove animations that you’ve used in your projects and result in missing files.

Windows 10 and higher

Press on the Windows Start icon → Settings → Add or remove programs → type AEJuice in the search bar, click on the AEJuice Pack Manager - Uninstall

Windows 7, 8

Open Control Panel Program and Features AEJuice Pack Manager version right click Uninstall


Open Terminal and paste this command

sh "/Library/Application Support/AEJuice/Uninstall AEJuice.command"


Open /Library/Application Support/AEJuice. Double click on the file Uninstall AEJuice.command

More information you can find here