How to importing and apply History Timeline Constructor preset in Premiere Pro?

There are several options to import the preset from History Timeline Constructor:

  1. Simply drag and drop it into your sequence.
  2. Double-click on the animation.
  3. Right-click on the preset and press import.

Next, you can customize the presets with two methods:

  1. Select the layer and open Essential Graphic Panel. There you can change placeholder, text, size, and other values.

  2. Select the layer and press “edit” inside the Pack Manager plugin. This option allows you to adjust all of the settings except the picture placeholder. The advantage of this option is that it preserves the adjustments. Your changes are saved and applied the next time you import the preset. This is very useful when you just need to customize a template once and then reuse it.

Expanding on the previous answer. Check out the tutorial Newspaper Constructor Tutorial - YouTube
It is for Newspaper Constructor but both packs are very similar in structure.